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Seniors Transportation in Milwaukee

It takes a peculiar kind of person to raise a family in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, but it becomes an even more unique type of person to retire here. Growing older brings with it a slew of difficulties. Having to give up driving is one of the most challenging. Giving up their driver's license, many seniors say, felt like giving up their independence. When your loved ones have on-call home care facilities, they will have appropriate seniors transportation in Milwaukee.

Who Needs a Taxi?

We can accommodate transportation for your loved one as required or as part of one of our robust elderly transportation WI care plans. Your loved ones should think of their home care provider as their own personal chauffeured vehicle, ready to drive them wherever they want to go. This service will go a long way toward ensuring that your loved one does not lose their freedom. There are several reasons to use our transportation services, but there are other options available in Milwaukee.

Transportation Services in Milwaukee, WI

  • The "Hop" Streetcar – In the downtown area, it just runs for 3.5 miles.
  • MCT (the bus) – Stops are not always easy to find, and schedules are not always reliable.
  • Taxis, Uber, Lyft – All provide door-to-door service, but it can be costly to use daily.
  • Friends & Family – There is no charge here, but availability may be a problem.

Aside from the fact that bus stops are not always convenient, getting on and off the bus, even with kneeling buses, can be challenging for many seniors. Not all taxi, Uber, or Lyft services can accommodate seniors with special needs, and the costs can quickly add up.

Along with providing seniors transportation in Milwaukee, our caregiver will arrive early to assist your loved one in getting ready for the outing, stay with them during the day, and then accompany them inside at the end of the trip to assist them in getting settled in.

Local Transportation Services for Seniors Living At Home

We can provide transportation and help your loved one get safely to their medical appointment if they decide to run errands or get a lift. Alternatively, you might go to the grocery store or the pharmacy. The goal is to keep your loved ones safe and provide only the care they need.

And now, senior transportation services in Milwaukee also offer another option for transportation by partnering with a national transportation provider: Powered by Uber.

Call. To arrange a trip, call us immediately.

Arrange. Let us know where you desire to go, and we will use the Uber Health dashboard to make arrangements.

Pick up. You will be pulled up and taken to your destination by the driver. Save your money. Rides are added to your bill automatically. It is not necessary to leave tips.

Quick, Convenient and Easy-to-schedule Rides for Seniors

The senior transportation services in Milwaukee provide an additional mode of transportation for our clients and their families. Our service is as follows:

Empowering: It allows our clients to preserve their freedom while also living healthier and happier lives.

Convenient: Our clients have access to transportation at any time of day or night, and their families can rest assured, apprehending that their loved ones' transportation needs are being met.

Practical: Clients may travel alone or with the assistance of their caregivers.

CONTACT US - Your ride is just one call away.

For more features or to make a reservation, contact seniors transportation in Milwaukee. Anyone, regardless of their financial situation, can contact us for reliable, impartial information on all aspects of aging and living with a disability.